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NLVCA Programs and Services Currently Under Development

The National Low Voltage Contractors Association is continually implementing new Programs and Services to provide Licensed Low Voltage Electrical Contractors with a complete portfolio of resources. These Programs and Services are always evolving in an effort to best assist members of the NLVCA to maximize their level of success in the industry.


A brief summary of some of the NLVCA Programs and Services:

  • Reporting of Unlicensed Contractors - Illegal unlicensed contractors are a detriment to your business and a danger to the safety of the public.

  • Complaint Protection Assistance - If a complaint is filed against a member of the NLVCA or a member of the NLVCA requests assistance in resolving a consumer complaint the NLVCA will work as a liaison to arrive at an amicable settlement before the issue is brought to court or before the state Licensing Board.

  • Free Public Contractor Search Enrollment - Visitors to the NLVCA website are able to search for Licensed Low Voltage Contractors in our national contractors database. The NLVCA's database is the largest searchable Low Voltage Electrical Contractor database in the World. If you are a Licensed Low Voltage Electrical Contractor then you are probably already listed.
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  • One Stop Permitting Service - This NLVCA service is designed to minimize down time and reduce your cost when registering and pulling permits under our National permitting assistance service.

  • Design-A-System - A designing and drafting package for the Low Voltage Professional who wants to present professionally created drawings of Low Voltage systems.

  • Driver Awareness Program - NLVCA Driver Awareness Program "1-888-EZ-ADVISE" can reduce your auto insurance cost and promote safe driving. NLVCA members receive free vehicle enrollment in this program.

  • One Stop Bidding - The NLVCA is developing a software gathering and sorting manager that will allow contractors to search for upcoming Low Voltage work out for bid. In conjunction our members will have the opportunity to develop networking relationships through meetings, conferences, committees, trade shows, and other forums developed to bring together all sectors of the Low Voltage industry.

  • NLVCA Membership Recognition - Promote your credentials and accomplishments to improve your standings and prestige among your clients and peers with NLVCA logoed ID badges, wall certificates, "NLVCA Licensed Professional" stickers, patches, hats and other products.

  • Discussion Forum - brings together members of all the Low Voltage industry segments from across the country and around the globe to one place to dialogue about our industry.

  • Low Voltage Library -Get access to the largest library of technical manuals, users guides, how-to-guides, legal documents, contracts and more. From accounting tutorials to sample specification language, to employees handbook and non-compete agreements templates.

  • Government Affairs - The NLVCA is dedicated to keep tabs on the issues in federal, state and local legislation that affect the industry. The NLVCA is committed to working with federal, state and local legislatures to promote and protect it's members.

  • NLVCA Committees - Over the next year the NLVCA will begin to recruit committed members to address issues relative to the Low Voltage industry.

  • Safe to Hire - A detailed background checking service provided to screen new employees to protect your business interests and protect your customers.

  • Technical Support - Online Technical help 24 hours a day. Get expert code support, opinions and technical assistance from experienced engineers and architects, backed by the world's leading repository of code publications.

  • Low Voltage Talk Radio - The NLVCA will be producing audio talk show segments dedicated to the discussion of code compliance, installation and service techniques, new product reviews and other industry related topics.

  • Low Voltage Videos - The NLVCA will be producing online video segments dedicated to the discussion of code compliance, installation and service techniques, new products reviews and other industry related topics.

  • NLVCA Education Funding - Beginning in 2010, the NLVCA scholarship program will award its first donations to underprivileged individuals who plan to pursue a future in the field of Low Voltage Contracting.
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