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Licensing Requirements for the State of New York

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: A statewide law requires the licensing of persons working in the business of installing, servicing or maintaining fire or alarm systems. No specific statewide license is required for design, installation and maintenance for other low-voltage systems.

Electrician: Local/municipal level.

Electrical Contractor: Local/municipal level.

Deputy Secretary of State for Business and Licensing Services
New York State Department of State
Division of Licensing Services
PO Box 22001
Albany, NY 12201-2001
(518) 474-4429
Fax: (518) 473-6648

Additional Information:
License is required to install, service or maintain a security alarm system; however, NY CLS Gen Bus 69-m provides an exemption for "a property owner or proprietor who purchases or owns an alarm system to be installed by him or his employees onto his property or place of business."

Individuals must satisfy educational requirement of 60 classroom hours on install standards & codes, control panels & alarm transmissions, security systems & fire technology. This training MUST be taken in New York State ONLY.

The state audits licensed companies. You must have an office in NY that maintain the records (customer contracts, employee files, etc.)

A business which is licensed to install, maintain or service security or fire alarm systems must maintain employee and business records at a central location within New York State. This is applicable to all company and personnel records pertaining exclusively to the conduct of business in this state. The records include payroll, personnel files, contracts and statements of services, list of installers/personnel assigned to contracts/installations and employee id cards.

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