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Low Voltage Licensing Requirements for the State of Michigan

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: The installation of alarm systems is covered under a license by the state. No other statewide license is required for low-voltage electricians.

However, you are required to have an electrical contractors license to run any cable in Michigan.

Low Voltage Specialty Licenses:
Security Alarm Contractor
Fire Alarm Contractor

Electrician: A statewide electrician license is required.

Electrical Contractor: A statewide electrical contractors license is required.

Department of Labor and Economic Growth
Bureau of Construction Codes & Fire Safety
Electrical Division
P.O. Box 30254
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 241-9320
Fax (517) 241-9320

Additional Information:
"Security alarm system contractor" means a sole proprietorship, firm, company, partnership, limited liability Company, or corporation engaged in the installation, maintenance, altercation, monitoring, or servicing of security alarm systems or who responds to a security alarm system.

Installation or monitoring of a security alarm system that generates a signal to a law enforcement agency or to a remote monitoring location requires a license.

An Electrical contractor’s license is not required for installation, maintenance or service of a burglar alarm system (MCL 338.887) A license is required for installation or monitoring of a security alarm system that generates a signal to a law enforcement agency or to a remote monitoring location. MCL 338.887 (3)(k) provides a specific exemption for "the installation, maintenance or servicing of burglar alarm systems within a building or structure."

Verification of qualifying experience & personal reference forms completed. Also note qualifying employment includes a license held in another state for 3 yrs, no exam; fingerprints.

Michigan is trying to expand it to installation of camera and card access systems.

Central Station Operator Requirements:
"Security alarm system agent" means a person employed by a security contractor whose duties include the altering, installing, maintaining, moving, repairing, replacing, selling, servicing, monitoring, responding to, or causing others to respond to a security alarm system. A licensee shall keep and maintain in this state adequate and complete personnel information on all persons employed by him or her. A complete employee roster in a manner described by the department shall be filed with the department by the licensee on a quarterly basis.
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