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Licensing Requirements for the State of Illinois

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: A statewide license is required specifically for alarm system installers. No statewide license for other low voltage work. Local/municipal level only.

Electrician: Local/municipal level.

State Fire Marshal
1035 Stevenson Drive
Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 785-0969
Fax (217) 782-1062

Additional Information:
Licensure by endorsement without exam if requirements for licensure in the jurisdiction in which the applicant was licensed are substantially equal to the Illinois requirements.

All employees need a Permanent Employment Registration Card (PERC)--includes fingerprinting and are renewable every three years.

Exemption: Licensed electricians can do fire alarm installation and emergency repair.

Central Station Operator Requirements:
Registered employee. Every person employed as a registered employee of a private detective, private alarm or private security agency under the Act shall complete, within 30 days after commencing employment, a course of basic training. The training shall be a minimum of 20 hours of classroom basic training related to the employment and shall be certified by the employer. For purposes of this Section, "classroom instruction" shall mean instruction that takes place in a setting where those individuals receiving the training learn through lectures, study papers, class discussion, textbook study or other means of organized formal education techniques (i.e., video of closed-circuit instruction), as distinguished from on-the-job training.

Monitoring License Required: Yes

"Private alarm contractor" means a person who engages in a business that individually or through others undertakes, offers to undertake, purports to have the capacity to undertake, or submits a bid to sell, install, monitor, maintain, alter, repair, replace, or service alarm and other security-related systems or parts thereof, including fire alarm systems, at protected premises or premises to be protected or responds to alarm systems at a protected premises on an emergency basis and not as a full-time security officer.

Alarm Businesses, installers and monitoring agents must be licensed.

License Classification: Individual: alarm system contractor; company: alarm system agency.

Agency in Charge: Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulations
Phone: 217-782-6742

Qualification Requirements:
Qualified Person Required? YES
Requirement for Manager: A licensed officer or executive employee must be licensed as an alarm system contractor in the state of IL & is responsible for the activities of the agency.

Experience Requirement? YES
Type of Experience Required: A minimum of 3 yrs experience working as a full-time manager for a private alarm contractor agency.

Exam Required? YES
Type of Exam: Electrical codes & standards, system design, installation & maintenance of commercial fire, burglar alarm systems, central station alarm systems.

Continuing Education Requirement? NO
CEU Requirement: None at the moment although the state has authorized it.
Additional Qualifier: No

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