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Licensing Requirements for the State of Hawaii

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: A statewide license is required for a specialty electrician installing, repairing, altering and maintaining electronic equipment, sound public address systems, communication systems, master or community radio and television receiving antenna systems, burglar and fire alarm systems, low voltage remote control, and low voltage communication signal systems.

Low Voltage Specialty Licenses:
EJS - Journey Worker Special Electrician
ESS - Supervising Specialty Electrician
C-13 - Electrical Contractor(600 volts or less)
C-15 - Electronic Systems Contractor
C-15a - Fire and Burglar Alarm Contractor
C-15b - Telecommunications Contractor

Electrician: A statewide electrician license is required.

Electrical Contractor: A statewide electrical contractors license is required.

State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu, HI 96801
(808) 586-3000
Fax (808) 586-2689

Additional Information:
A specialty contractor license is required to install, maintain and repair central fire and burglar alarm systems; provided that this shall not include the installation of any conduits thereto.

Application, financial statements, credit reports each officer & RME, tax clearance & RME appointment.

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