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Licensing Requirements for the State of Georgia

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: A statewide license is required for the design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems, general systems or telecommunication systems.

Low Voltage Specialty Licenses:
LVU - Low Voltage Unrestricted
LVT - Low Voltage Telecommunications
LVA - Low Voltage Alarm
LVG - Low Voltage General

Low-Voltage Contractor (includes alarm systems and telecommunication systems)

Electrician: A statewide electrician license is required.

Electrical Contractor: A statewide electrical contractors license is required.

Georgia State construction Industry Licensing Board Low Voltage Board
Division of Low Voltage Contractors
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217-3858
(478) 207-1416
Fax (478) 207-1425

Reciprocity with states: Reciprocity with Florida & North Carolina

Additional Information:
A license is required for installation of a security system with exceptions as noted below. "Alarm system" is defined as any device or combination of devices used to detect a situation, causing an alarm in the event of a burglary, fire, robbery, medical emergency, or equipment failure, or on the occurrence of any other predeterminant. "Low-voltage contracting" is defined as the installation, alteration, service or repair of a telecommunication system, alarm system, or general system involving low-voltage wiring. A "low voltage contractor" is limited to an individual who is engaged in low-voltage contracting under express or implied contracts and requires a license (s 43-14-8.1); however, employees of low-voltage contractors receiving salary or hourly wage are not required to be licensed except that those employees upon whom the qualification of partnership, limited liability company or corporation rests as outlined in subsection (b) of Code Section 43-14-8.1 must be licensed.

"Alarm system contractor I" means an alarm system contractor whose business includes all types of alarm systems for all purposes.

Qualified Person Required: YES
Requirement for Manager: A company must employ an individual licensed in the types of work to be performed.

Experience Requirement: YES
Type of Experience Required: 1-year installation experience
Exam Required: YES, proctored computerized exam
Type of Exam: Unrestricted, Telecommunications, Alarm, General Low Voltage
Exam Website:
Continuing Education Requirement: NO
CEU Requirement: None
Additional Qualifier: Yes

Georgia Code and State Statues:
Official Code of Georgia 43-14

Rules and Regulations for the state of Georgia - Chapter 121-2 Qualifications for Licensure
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