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Licensing Requirements for the State of Connecticut

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: A statewide license is required for several classifications of lowvoltage installation and maintenance work.
Electrician: A statewide electrician license is required.

Electrical Contractor: A statewide electrical contractors license is required.

Department of Consumer Protection, Occupational and Professional Licensing Division
165 Capitol Ave., Room 147
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 713-6000
(860) 685-8290
(860) 685-8441
(860) 685-8674
(860) 685-8443
Fax (860) 713-7230

Additional Information:
Section 20-331 establishes examining boards for both electrical work and fire protection sprinkler systems work, but does not specify an examining board for burglar alarm security systems. Pursuant to Public Act 03-261, effective October 1, 2003, the Electrical Work Board authorizes any person to install, service and repair residential security systems limited to 25 volts and 5 amperes in one to three family residential dwellings, provided the person is in the employ of an electrical contractor holding an E-1 or L-5 contractor license. There is no stated exception for commercial installations or installations by persons other than the E-1 or L-5 contractor’s employee. The statutes are specific to installation, maintenance and repair, but are silent on monitoring activities.

Application completed and approved prior to testing. Notarized statements from occupational employers & copies of education related to license included.

Qualified Person Required? YES
Requirement for Manager: Individual trade license on behalf of company, no company license.
Experience Requirement? YES
Type of Experience Required: 2 yrs licensed journeyman or at least 6 yrs equivalent experience & training.
Exam Required? YES
Type of Exam: Limited electrical contractor limited to ADT , similar or low voltage signal work.
Exam Website:
Continuing Education Requirement? YES
CEU Requirement: 7 hrs/yr
3 mandatory hrs laws & standards (including OSHA) & 4 hrs elective
Additional Qualifier: Yes

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