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Licensing Requirements for the State of Arkansas

Low-Voltage/Limited-Energy License: A license is required for installation and maintenance of low voltage systems, including security alarm system installation/monitoring. This is called an electrical subspecialty low-voltage license.

To bid and work on construction projects that cost $20,000 or more, you must have a contractor’s license.

Electrical Contractor: An electrical contractors license is required.

Contractors Licensing Board
4100 Richards Road
N. Little Rock, AR 72117
(501) 372-4661
Fax (501) 372-2247

Additional Information:
By definition, a company which for a fee or other valuable consideration installs or monitors mechanical alarm signal devices or burglar alarms is, for purposes of the statutes, an "Alarm Systems Company." A.C.A. 17-40-103 provides a specific exemption for installation of an alarm system on property owned by or leased to the installer.

"Alarm systems company" means any person, firm, association, or corporation that for a fee or other valuable consideration, installs, services, sells on site, performs a survey of the premises to be protected, monitors, or responds to electrical, electronic, or mechanical alarm signal devices, burglar alarm, television cameras, or still cameras used to manually or automatically signal or detect burglary, fire, breaking or entering, shoplifting, pilferage, theft, hold-up, or other illegal or unauthorized activity.

Company application, officer & manager applications & fingerprint cards. Exam given in Arkansas only.

Central Station Monitoring License Required: YES

Central Station Operator Requirements:
Registration Required. Every employee of a licensee who is employed as a private investigator, manager, private security officer, or alarm system agent must be registered with the board within fourteen (14) calendar days after the commencement of employment. The Arkansas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security agencies may promulgate by rule any additional qualifications for an individual registered under this subchapter as a private investigator, manager, private security officer, branch office manager, alarm monitor, alarm supervisor, alarm, apprentice, or alarm systems agent, which may include provision for apprenticeship programs.

License Classification: Class E alarm systems company
Proprietary Central Stations: Exempt from licensing

Qualification Requirements
Qualified Person Required? YES
Requirement for Manager: Licensee or manager can be corporate officer or employee
Experience Requirement? YES
Type of Experience Required: Manager of class "E" NBFAA Level 2 or NICET Level 3
Exam Required? YES
Type of Exam: Arkansas code & rules & regulations
Exam Website:
Continuing Education Requirement? NO
CEU Requirement: None
Additional Qualifier: No

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