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Old 06-29-2009 - Bad Bad Bad Contractors... - Irrigation Systems - Voltage Talk forum
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Warning Bad Bad Bad Contractors...

Do you wake up each morning and think to yourself how can I do disservice to my customers today? I would hope not. I've always thought of low voltage contracting and the contractors who do this type work as being intelligent, consciences workers who take care of their customers. Perhaps I'm just prejudice because I am a low voltage contractor and I conduct myself this way, but isn't that the way it's suppose to be?

So over the last year I've been having to deal with contractors of a different nature. Just to name a few; the pool, fence, screen, cable, sod replacement and air conditioning contractors. I'm not going to boar you with all the details of my home installation and service projects I've got going on. I know we all have our disappointments in life with workers who supposedly preform "quality" work, whom we hire and put our faith and money in and then they let us down. But I've been seeing a lot of really inconsiderate and deceptive practices going on in contracting trades and I just don't get it. It seems to me that its the old "wham bam and thank you mam", then off to the next sucker who will give them money for their shoddy work. They all seem to talk a great story during the sale but when the work is said and done and their long gone you discover that things aren't what you were told they would be.

Now I understand everyone is not going to do a perfect job each time but my gripe is that I have experienced deception and lies from contractors time and time again. I know probably a little more than the average homeowner about contracting service so I go over the job in advance in detail and we all agree on this is how it will be done, yet as soon as I am out of site, they do it the cheapest quickest way thinking that I won't find out, so they can get done and move on.

I really feel for the consumer because it's a real jungle out there.

My fence contractor obviously damaged my sprinkler's PVC line but he never told me and certainly did not fixed it. Surly he knew it would
be discovered by me? Unfortunately, I gave him a $100.00 tip for a job well done and unfortunately I did not discover the damage until
this weekend over one year later.

During my PVC re-due, I decided to add an additional sprinkler head to each side of the fence post. Trying to turn a bad experence into
a productive one.

Here is a close up of the broken PVC pipe. He had to have sliced it off with the shovel when he was digging the post hole.
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Old 08-25-2009 - Bad Bad Bad Contractors... - Irrigation Systems - Voltage Talk forum
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call b-4 you dig...haha
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Old 12-20-2011 - Bad Bad Bad Contractors... - Irrigation Systems - Voltage Talk forum
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Default Re: Bad Bad Bad Contractors...

Hate to say it but how did you not warn the contractor that u had irrigation lines along where u had planned your fencing? (He should had owned up to the breakage).
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