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Old 05-17-2009 - CCTV Services, A Valuable Asset That No Business Can Do Without - Covert Video and Audio Systems - Voltage Talk forum
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Info CCTV Services, A Valuable Asset That No Business Can Do Without

With the advent of affordable CCTV, many businesses utilized CCTV to deter shoplifting. These cameras were positioned to monitor the cases and shelves where valuable items were located in the store. This utilization is what most business thinks of when CCTV is mentioned. The deterrent to shoplifting is still a major use of CCTV services and it in itself provides a ROI for the business.

CCTV services provide the owners and managers of a small business to monitor traffic flow into and out of the store. This monitoring of traffic flow by customers permits the management to schedule staff to effectively provide for an increased flow of customers during the day. The additional staff can care for the needs of the customers more effectively thus increasing customer satisfaction and return visits of the customers.

Many businesses think they know who their valuable employees are. In many cases, appearances can be deceiving. When management is not on the sales floor or in the manufacturing area, they do not truly know who is working with the most productivity. Just as CCTV services monitor customers, the same services can monitor employees to determine which employees are the most productive. This surveillance can be accomplished at any time and provides management an accurate view of just who is working and who isn't.

CCTV services do provide a measure of shrinkage control, the business owner should not ignore however the additional benefits of CCTV services. The ability to monitor staff and customers, the ability to negate nuisance lawsuits is both valid and in actual use today. CCTV services for a modest investment provide an invaluable asset for any company.

Courts of law are often bogged down with nuisance lawsuits. These nuisance lawsuits can prove to be difficult for the owner of a business to deny. Through the utilization of a well designed CCTV system, the business has the opportunity to review the images from the location that the plaintiff stated they received an injury. The use of this data often is the first line of defense for a business against a nuisance lawsuit. This data, which includes both date and time, can be presented to lawyers and in the courts thus negating the nuisance lawsuit.

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