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Old 02-13-2009 - Security Surveillance #1 In The World Used By Police & Gov - CCTV Systems - Voltage Talk forum
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Video Security Surveillance #1 In The World Used By Police & Gov

Simply, Visual Officer acts the same as an onsite GUARD SERVICE but is a Virtual Guard Service through the use of CCTV Monitoring Service A client installs a CCTV system with the Visual Officer -LP software or if the client already has a CCTV system they will purchase and hook up our Distributors NDVR with the special proprietary Visual Officer -LP software to their existing system.

The client picks the days and times for Visual Officer to monitor their business and/or property. Based on the protocol developed by Visual Officer and based on the client's goals we then determine the type and class of monitoring.

We develop levels of alerts. These levels dictate what our highly trained certified monitoring agent does when an event occurs.

Through the special proprietary Visual Officer -LP software we are able to communicate with the on site cameras. We program, through the Visual Officer -LP software artificial intelligence into each camera. The cameras are able to communicate with each other and with the monitoring station. Throughout the premises we program alerts and alarms that are trigger events. When an event occurs it appears on an event monitor at the central monitoring station. Based on the event an alert level is placed on the event and we are able to monitor the event in real time and to follow a vehicle or person throughout the premises.
The alert level can change as the event changes and our highly trained monitoring agent will take the appropriate action at the proper time.

Keep in mind, unlike other similar services, Visual Officer's system is PRO-ACTIVE, we general recognizes a potential crime in progress in advance and can notify the proper authorities. Other services are Re-Active in that the event has occurred before they are notified and in many cases it is too late and not recorded.

In addition, when the authorities are notified by Visual Officer, they respond quickly. Visual Officer also has two-way audio capabilities so we can stop an event from occurring by notifying the intruder we are watching and recording their every move and the authorities have been called.

Event monitoring ranges from a LOW of .64 to a high of .78 per camera depending on the amount of expected activity. (it is not necessary every camera be monitored)

In all cases the Visual Officer service is much less then Uniform Guard Service, much more dependable and helps a business with security and loss prevention 24/7.

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